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If You Happened to Google Me and Found This, I’m Sorry

I’ve come back and tested the links to the right and discovered that most of them don’t work anymore. I published articles on sites that don’t exist anymore. By Internet standards, this page is ancient. It is almost entirely useless to you. And so, dear visitor, I apologize. As a small consolation, you might click … Continue reading

And Now I Suddenly Begin Blogging Again, In the Form of Poetry

Tumble   Tumbleweed meets Armadillo and says, “It’s no better behind me.” So Armie takes the high road. Moons Above the sands shift every tide. Guardians within his shadow Judge every movement.   Long before, in greener lands Tumble squeaked through oilfields, Laughing about misshapen sandcastles. Inside the adobe eloquent words were spoken And better … Continue reading

Surviving the First 24 Hours of Fatherhood

A flash memoir, if you will. Last year my little girl was born and although it’s a wonderful experience to see your first child born, you also go through a teensy-weensy bit of hell. Perhaps more than teensy-weensy … a biggish sort of hell bit. Anyway, you can read more about that experience right HERE. … Continue reading

Procrastinator’s Special: 50% off Striking Out!!

Yes, you read it right. Half off. This weekend. Just click the link on the sidebar and use coupon code VN43S —————————————————-> Why? Because sometimes I put things off until the last minute, too. Usually doesn’t pay off this well. -Matt

Review: Life of Pi

  Life of Pi is an extraordinarily beautiful tale of a young shipwreck survivor on a lifeboat with a tiger named Richard Parker. If this sounds silly, it is to author Yann Martel’s credit that the feel this story has is far from it. That’s not to say that there isn’t a healthy dollop of humor … Continue reading

Because Everybody Loves Coupons!

If you haven’t noticed yet, you can download Matt’s e-novel Striking Out for 15% off now through January 31. How? Through the magic of COUPONS!!! You’ve read the free sample – thanks – but don’t you want to know how the story ends? Well, we want you to, too. So use coupon code ZM53H and watch … Continue reading

Review: James A. Michener’s “The Drifters”

“… I believe that men ought to inspect their dreams. And know them for what they are.” This line of dialogue, spoken by the character of Britta in The Drifters, is one of the best examples of a final sentence in a novel I have ever read. If James A. Michener was anything at all, … Continue reading

What?? Matt Bloom has a Facebook Fan Page?

You heard us right. Matt’s on the Big F. Head here for publishing updates, fan comments, links and more: http://tinyurl.com/23xumjf As always, thanks for reading. -Management

Wireless Workers of America

Read Matt’s new short story at http://scienceray.com/technology/wireless-workers-of-america/. An excerpt, you say? You think that might whet your appetite? Well. We don’t see why not: I’m not ashamed to admit I was a bit nervous about entering a cell phone store after five years. I fully expected to be surrounded by devices I wouldn’t even recognize: little windows to the Internet or television … Continue reading

Striking Out Has a New New Home

After a brief stint on authonomy.com, management has found a better home for Matt’s 2008 serial novella Striking Out. It is now at Smashwords, available for download in a variety of formats. You can now get Striking Out on your eReader! Thank you for your interest. -Management